Falling back into disorder, but it's all I crave.

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fucked up today. fuck up everything. fucking raging.

sudenly even though its calories that caused this, i dont care about them. just gonna get very very drunk.

pathetic, but i kind of don want to leave my room until i am visibly thinner. sadly i cant. as i have to go into town. oh well, the mile walk will do me good. gonna invest in a winter coat, and maybe some cheap flat boots for walking.

Alternative to panicking, go out - and burn off every damn calorie I ate. Dance my ass off for two hours and the only calories left are the ones from the alcohol. 

Which should total 300-400.

So though my day was 1100, I can lower it with excersise. Don’t panic, don’t panic.

Already on 682, and I wanted to go out tonight. :/